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If I wait for brilliance, I will never write.
— Georgie Davis


Nearly two decades ago, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of memories that my dear grandmother had preserved in cardboard boxes and carefully tucked away in her bedroom closet. To my delight, I reached inside and felt the whispers of history as they brushed against my fingertips.


She had carefully opened, read, and then saved every letter that her children had ever penned to her, recounting tales of wartime escapades and the adventures and trials some of them faced as missionaries in West Africa.

As I endeavor to pen my own personal history, I hope to inspire others to reflect upon their lives—to embrace the power of storytelling and keep the flames of the past burning bright for the next generations.

I'll be candid – writing my narrative has been arduous, and my confidence often fails. But if I wait for brilliance, I will never write.

So I plug along.

I'd be honored for you to accompany me on my journey. Browse the memoir section, leave a comment, and sign up to receive new posts.


Welcome to my personal space...of memoir excerpts, writing challenges and more as I make my first book a reality.

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