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If I wait for brilliance, I will never write.
— Georgie Davis


Nearly three decades ago, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of memories my dear grandmother had preserved in cardboard boxes and carefully tucked away in her bedroom closet. Tax receipts, war bonds, old photos, and fifty years' worth of letters her children penned her were hidden inside.

I opened envelope after envelope,  ran my fingers over the faded script of each letter, and discovered generations of untold stories. I'll be forever grateful for the history my grandmother left behind.

Writing in narrative form is a practical approach to preserving and passing on the memories of a family's heritage. Through my stories, I hope to encourage others to put pen to paper and preserve bits of the past for future generations. Writing can be arduous, and my confidence often fails. But if I wait for brilliance, I will never write. So I plug along.

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Welcome to my personal space...of memoir excerpts, writing challenges and more as I make my first book a reality.

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