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If I wait for brilliance, I will never write.
— Georgie Davis


Nearly two decades ago, I stumbled upon a remarkable collection of keepsakes that my dear grandmother had carefully safeguarded in her bedroom closet.


To my delight, I discovered that she had carefully preserved each and every letter that her offspring had ever penned to her, recounting tales of wartime misadventures and the challenges of missionary work in the vast expanses of the Sahara.


It appeared my grandmother's approach was to keep her loved ones near her heart while securing a lasting record of her legacy, for which I'm grateful. 

It is my hope that my grandchildren, upon opening a closet in the future, will discover a new kind of treasure: a book bursting with captivating tales of my formative years spent in Africa alongside my Liberian sisters and the wrenching personal misfortune that irrevocably altered the course of my life.


I'll be candid – the process of writing has been arduous, and there are days when my confidence falters. However, I realize that if I wait for inspiration to strike, I will never make progress. With that said, I would be honored if you would accompany me on this journey and join me as I document my writing progress in this online journal.


Welcome to my personal space...of memoir excerpts, writing challenges and more as I make my first book a reality.

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