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About My Story

In a bustling household on the west coast of Africa, Georgie and her biological sister, Bertie, navigate life in Liberia with their four adopted sisters.


Their days are filled with music, laughter, and legendary tales of the forest. The mysterious 'Mami Wata,’ the terrifying 'Heartmen,’ and the notorious 'Old Man Beggar' stir up both fear and fascination.

But life in Liberia is full of uncertainties, for death is a constant threat on the continent.

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Their missionary parents are a cornerstone of the sisters' upbringing. When they visit the Bush with their father, Georgie, and Bertie are treated like celebrities. Their pale complexions contrast against the dark skin of the village kids, who want to know, "How did you get to be white?" Georgie wrestles with her own knawing question, "Why can't I be brown?"

Despite his busy workload, Daddy takes time to teach his daughters survival skills, with a focus on learning "how to float." He warns of a greater danger than crashing waves—facing death without having experienced the transforming power of the living God.

Blue Aqua Minimalist Sea Soothes the Soul Quote Instagram Post copy_edited.jpg

At seventeen, Georgie moves to America, leaving behind her sister and beloved childhood home in Liberia. Just when she begins to adjust to her new life in America, she receives heartbreaking news—her sister, Bertie, is dead.


Sister of the Sun is a unique tale that explores themes of self-discovery, strength in the face of adversity, and the collision of two cultures as the sisters struggle to reconcile them. The interweaving of a historical element adds layers to the storytelling.

Find draft excerpts HERE.

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