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Working Title: Sisters of the Sun is a story about finding identity and embracing loss.


Georgie and her biological sister Bertie live in a bustling household with four “Liberian” sisters. Amidst the harmonious blend of cultures, their home resonates with music, laughter, and whispered tales of evil spirits lurking in the shadows.

The lively rhythm of Africa infuses the story with its rich and tropical landscape of Liberia, adding dimension to the sisters' escapades.

Georgie and her sister, Bertie, find themselves immersed in a whirlwind of adventures, swept away in roller coaster exploits with the local boys while navigating their early education in a village setting. From cooking snails over crackling flames, traversing murky swamps, or interacting with ‘Old Man Beggar,’ Liberia’s version of Santa Claus. 


The polarization between Georgie’s own identity as a White American and the Black Africans surrounding her intensifies. Struggling with this divide, she finds herself fixating on the idea of being "brown" and grappling with the complexities of race and belonging.

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Life in Liberia is unpredictable, for death on the continent of Africa is always a looming presence.


But Georgie’s father warns of a more profound threat—facing death without having experienced the transforming power of the living God.

Despite being consumed with his never-ending workload, Daddy takes time to teach his daughters survival skills, placing special emphasis on “floating lessons.” But in the end, these lessons prove ineffective against the uncurrent of the African waters.

As Georgie and Bertie grow older, they move to an American boarding school in the neighboring country of Ivory Coast for their high school education. Here, they reconcile their Liberian roots with the customs and habits of their American peers.

At seventeen, Georgie moves to America, leaving behind her sister and her beloved childhood home in Liberia.

Just when she begins to settle into her new life in America, she receives heartbreaking news from home. Death has visited her own household.


Sisters of the Sun is a powerful story of identity, resilience, and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

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